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A brand new novel by our very own Cemil Jim Alyanak.

If you enjoy military, espionage, action & adventure, we think you'll enjoy this read.

The plot..


After 34 years of service, retired Lt. General El Masri is living comfortably in Washington D.C. His new life is a balanced mix of adventure motorcycling and amateur radio, until one day he receives a message on an HF frequency; it will change the course of his life and of the very world order he once defended.

What causes this ex-Deputy Commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, to steal Top Secret files from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency? Why is he trying to start a nuclear war with Russia? As worrisome, why are an elite group of Russian Navy Spetsnaz preparing an infil into North America?

In this military, espionage, adventure novel, we discover the fragile nature of inter-agency intelligence and how a single event could trigger a nuclear Armageddon, still today.

Fortunately, a pair of mismatched allies, Graham Lombard, a CSIS, has-been, intelligence analyst, and Masako Fujimori, an overdriven DIA field agent, will make it their duty to chase down the General over land, across oceans, in the air, and even the airwaves. In the end, it will come down to a choice, will one of the General’s own family members be prepared to stop him, even if it means killing him?


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Cemil (aka Jim)

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