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Cemil (aka Jim)

Sold my first photo in 1967 (please don't count!)

We practice a very simple fee structure. We do not charge a fixed or upfront shooting fee — no day fee, no hourly fee, none. Instead, before the job, we agree on a price per final selected photo. If you use one photo, you pay for that photo – that’s it – and we give you the high resolution image! If you use 25 photos, then you pay for 25. This pushes us to be our best. We also agree on a maximum amount. Once you’ve reached that amount, all other images are free. So if we agree on a 50-image ceiling and you like 80 shots, you only pay for 50. This allows clients to set a top end budget. Only if applicable and agreed to, we charge for extra expenses, notably distant travel, client-requested special equipment, etc. No expenses = No extra charge. For group events, e.g. a school field trip, we offer two options: group buy out per image or individual purchasing by participants.

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