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Cemil & Ilhan Alyanak

We are a father and daughter team.

My adult life (dad) has been spent either in the military or working in the field of communications. You could say I began as a professional photographer in that I literally sold my first image when I was seven years old (I gladly tell the story...)

In high school I was the newspaper and yearbook photographer. In college, while studying both Physics and Communications, photography was my source of income. Throughout my life I have sold my images. I was also the founding President of the Forum for the Analysis of Communications and Trends, the strategist behind the World Urban Campaign, an advisor to the World AIDS Campaign and a founding board member of the World Prevention Alliance. I continue to provide high-level communications and perception consulting services (see www.excessnoise.com).

I am currently a member in good standing of the National Press Photographers Association and the National Press Club where I sit on both photography and communications committees.

Television documentaries are also part of my career track having worked with Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Mary Robinson of Ireland on films on cancer and HIV/AIDS. To date, I have directed and shot eight feature length films with the participation of Emma Thompson, Kiefer Sutherland, Alicia Keys and others. I am currently producing and filming two documentaries on cancer in Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

Now, in my golden years, I have also chosen to go full circle and come back to my passion for photography, picking up my cameras and pointing them where it matters.

But I am no longer alone.

I have joined forces with my daughter Ilhan, herself a budding young visual artist. From props, to scripts, camera and directing, Ilhan has shown her ability to combine reliable technique with a youthful vision. Ilhan is currently a high school student with, among others, several film classes and school plays to her credit.

Equipment-wise, for photography we both use Nikon equipment and I am a Nikon Professional Services member. Video is shot with either Red or Sony equipment.

Cemil on the road